Kore is positioned to quickly respond to and deploy the resources necessary to address any and all process automation challenges our customers may face. Our solution oriented approach enables us to provide comprehensive services across the spectrum of automation related challenges including macro level automation portfolio management, all aspects of SCADA operations and traditional integration engineering needs. Our customers know they will receive a solution the efficiently addresses short term needs while optimizing long term performance. Our experts are ready to work with you to determine the best available solution for your existing needs.


Automation Portfolio Management

Automation Portfolio Management is the continuous process of evaluating your automation portfolio and choosing the best strategies to maximize portfolio ROI. Through the assessment of existing Automation assets, our team of experts can identify value propositions to best align corporate goals with current operational needs. Click here for details!


SKADA by Kore

A natural progression in Kore’s solution based approach to our customer’s biggest challenges, we’ve pulled upon our industry knowledge and expertise to design a cost effective distributed solution scalable to a variety of automation challenges. Drawing upon many years of experience observing the costs and complications customers have faced maintaining their automation and control systems, SKADA by Kore is the new generation’s answer to what the industry traditionally knows as SCADA. The SKADA solution draws upon key efficiencies and can be rapidly deployed, evolve gracefully and sustained for the life-cycle of your facility. Highly customizable and adaptive to your unique needs and budget, Kore is confident upon implementation that your site will realize immediate productivity gains and operational efficiency. Click here for details!


Engineering Services

Kore Systems provides a variety of customized automation services including programming, installation, control system design, system integration, system upgrade and system service. Click here for details!