Landfill Thermal Treatment Unit SCADA Integration

Kore Systems provided design and integration of the SCADA network and interface package at the Landfill thermal Treatment Unit at our client’s facility located in Marina California. Kore Systems is currently the Control Systems contractor for the Ground Water Treatment Systems at the site. Kore Systems personnel have been providing support to the prime contractor for the past ten years and have unique a knowledge of systems operations and capabilities regarding hardware and software currently in use at the site. The SCADA system, designed by Kore Systems personnel, operates on a microwave Network that consists of numerous radio sites and an unlimited tag graphical user interface package. Recently the client added a Thermal Treatment Unit at a nearby location to safely burn off landfill gases.  The objective of the Landfill Thermal Treatment Unit SCADA project was to provide remote monitoring and alarming for the Thermal Treatment Unit. The integration of the Thermal Treatment Unit into the SCADA system reduced risk of unknown events during extended hours as well as provided monitoring and remote access for the Landfill Flare site personnel.