Thermal Treatment Unit VFD Upgrade

Kore Systems provided technical engineering expertise and industrial automation support during the removal of motor starters and installation of new VFD’s for three Flares at the client’s site. Having provided key support to our client since 2008, Kore Systems was awarded a contract to design, install and integrate nine VFD’s at the three Flares. The result of this upgrade was improved odor abatement performance, lower energy usage, and increased life cycle of associated blower motors.

Kore Systems Scope of Work (SOW) included the removal of all existing VFD equipment at the three Flare sites, modifying existing components for integration with the new VFD’s, fabricating and installing new control panels for the VFD’s, and designing programming to integrate the VFD’s into the system as well as monitor and provide alarms for any anomalies detected in the system. Additionally Kore Systems provided project management to guarantee the clients up-time requirements.  Throughout the length of the project, Kore Systems carried out stringent quality control practices and evaluations, allowing the project to proceed without any delays or scheduling impacts.

At the completion of the project, Kore Systems provided an in depth acceptance test to verify the performance, specifications, control parameters, and alarms of each of the VFD’s installed. Each VFD was deemed operational and functioning within its specified performance levels. Final close out report documentation containing PLC, SCADA, electrical diagrams, operational and maintenance procedures of the VFD’s was provided to the client. Kore additionally provided detailed training and instruction to the client on how to provide level one support to issues if they arose after the completion of the project.

Throughout the course of the project, Kore Systems put emphasis on retaining the existing feel and operation of the Thermal Treatment Units VFD’s.  Modifications were made while keeping the same wiring configuration, coloring and control schemes, and PLC programming. Any additions to the system were made as non-intrusively as possible to avoid possible confusion or loss of institutional knowledge.

Kore Systems provided first class service and expertise from the initial award of the contract until the conclusion of the project.  Drawing from years of expertise and experience working with VFD’s, Kore Systems was able to execute the SOW of work in a timely and efficient manner. Kore was able to gracefully mitigate difficulties and challenges, to ensure a first class delivery to a satisfied customer without sacrificing any detail.